Efron Razi, Yehezkeally Pinhas: Real Life Is Not Linear


[This book can be downloaded: press here - Real_Life_is_not_linear]

Since the days of the British physicist and mathematician, Isaac Newton, and until about a hundred years ago classical scientists perceived the world as deterministic. They tried to understand Nature by breaking it down into its most minute parts, assuming that once you understand the parts, it is easier to understand the whole.

 But reality behaves in a nonlinear way. It consists of parts, connected by interconnections to the point that one cannot separate them and has to deal with them as a whole.

 The book presents the main ideas of Complex Systems, Chaos and Networks theories. It was written mainly for managers, who need to function in a rapidly changing reality.

[This book can be downloaded: press here - Real_Life_is_not_linear]

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